(総合評価)カード名 コメント
 終断γ ドルブロ
 I feel Kizamu and Batocross are better... (17/09/20)
 禁断 U サベージ
 Very strong D2 Field support. (17/09/20)
 DG ~裁キノ刻~
 Finally the annoying big mana and MaltNEXT is dead. We can try playing something else! :D (17/09/13)
 真実の名 ボルメテウス・ゼロ・ドラゴン
 Not as strong in today's standards. (17/08/27)
 Overrated Bolmeteus. (17/08/27)
 侵略者 デカペンタ
 I was wrong. (17/08/23)
◎ I feel it will help Uruborofu and Go To Hell a lot in immitating Sasoris+Boaroaxe. (15/06/20)
 煉獄刃 ヘルフエズ/煉獄宮殿 ヘルクライム/大殺壊 ヘルセカイ
 Too slow for today. (17/08/21)
◎ Really flexible dragheart, it works great with Death Gate and Ulvorof for a quick Ryukai. Its ryukai condition is strong enough and -6000 can screw over Madonna and Lily. (14/12/21)
 滅殺刃 ゴー・トゥ・ヘル/魔壊王 デスシラズ
 Duenyan likes you a lot. (17/08/21)
◎ Strong finisher for Uruborofu and can spam a good number of Funky Nightmare. Plus it is easy to Ryukai. (15/01/25)
◎ A highly strong finisher! Mostly suited for Funky Knightmare control, but it can also work for other decks that at least have Uruborofu. The reanimation and Ryukai destruction effects are what make it great. (14/09/23)
 You are underrated, like Johnny Walker (17/07/29)
 May be stronger than the King. (17/07/24)
 第二種 タマネギル
 Underrated removal. (17/07/21)
 You are strong, even Buster hates you. (17/07/08)
 偽りの星夜 ブラック・オブ・ライオネル
 Darkness Lionel is God! (17/06/27)
 Congratulations on Hall of Fame! (17/06/27)
 第1種 アクミM
 I like Evil Heat and Linnevenus better. (17/06/13)
 第3種 ベロリンガM
 You, sir, are overrated (17/06/13)
 Heruborofu loves you. (17/06/13)
 D2M2 ドグライーター
 D2 Fields love you. (17/06/13)
 D2M マグラカヅラ
 Really overrated sadly. (17/06/13)
 悪革の怨草士 デモンカヅラ
 Buster decks love you. (17/06/13)
 Why such a low rating? (17/06/13)
 暗黒鎧 ダースシスK
 You're priceless to Bashginus (17/06/13)
 Dの妖艶 マッド・デッド・ウッド
 I was wrong, you are better. (17/06/09)
× You are too overrated (17/02/19)
 Bashginus now loves you (17/05/06)
 孤高の闘士 ボチボロフ
 Welcome Hell/Go To Hell like you more now. Maybe you can replace Honenbe. (17/05/01)
○ Honenbi with Slayer? I have mixed feelings, but Duenyan might like you. (17/02/18)
 Even by today's standards you are good to join Funk and Kanashimidomino. (17/04/07)
 革命魔龍 キル・ザ・ライブ
 Kakumei is a difficult effect, but now with an attack trigger it is even more difficult. Eternal Sign isn't fully compatible either, making the deck overall too much of a conditional combo. I think this is overrated. (17/03/23)
 ジョリー・ザ・ジョニー Joe
 You sir, are a big mistake (17/03/03)
 Dの地獄 ハリデルベルグ
 You have helped my Heruborofu a lot. (17/02/24)
 Too overrated quasi vanilla. (16/12/26)
 You are too underrated. (16/12/26)
 Kの反逆 キル・ザ・ボロフ
 Welcome back, Heruborofu! Black Psycho loves you even more now. (16/10/23)
 Desushirazu is proud of you. It will make interesting combos with cards like Dorubaromu. (16/10/16)
 You will make some interesting combos in the future (16/10/16)